Review: David’s Tea Winter Edition

The void between October’s rush of pumpkins and explosive colour, and December’s warm-spirited days can be looked at in two ways: an excuse to wallow in grey clouds and school work, or a time to cuddle up with warm beverages.

If the first option is most appealing to you, I urge you to reconsider.  

David’s Tea, a fresh and exciting home for tea, is in their winter season already.  On Nov. 1, they released five new, special teas that perfectly sum up the holidays. A hotspot for Ryerson students, Folio went to check out the new blends.

Banana Nut Bread

It is the classic warm loaf that adds so much detail to the air you breathe — without giving you guilt. This blend is sweetened with dates, currants, and real slices of dried banana. As well, almonds give the tea that classic family recipe feel. With no caffeine at all, this is the ideal midnight treat.

Mulled Wine

The name alone paints a picture rich of burgundy and deep purples. But names aside, the lineup of seasonal ingredients — orange peel, apple, cinnamon, clove buds, ginger — mixed in with an oolong tea creates a cozy cup to welcome you back in after a long, chilly day.



Hot Chocolate

When you want to be a kid, you can be a kid. When you want to be a kid but also be a healthy adult, you can still be a kid. Especially with this tea latte, a blend that is rich, creamy and smooth.  It contains almonds and three forms of chocolate — cocoa nibs, chocolate chips, and chocolate curls. With a tad more caffeine than the others, this will power you through any busy mall, or exuberant outdoor activities.

Cardamom French Toast

Picture coming down stairs in the morning to home made French toast on a platter while snowflakes fall gently outside. Even if you don’t know what cardamom is — a spice made with seeds — you should be excited at this point. Added to the black tea and cardamom are coriander seeds and lemon peel, with some sweetness from coconut and cane sugar.


Snow Day

While you and your bed are a perfect match on snowy days, so are chocolate and peppermint. This blend is made with peppermint leaves, cocoa beans, cocoa husk, chocolate drops, and white chocolate pieces and is ornamented with tiny little snowflake sprinkles, just for smiles. And low in caffeine, it will let your snow day be cozy.

Photos by Sarah Mariotti