RTA Top Docs first of its kind at Ryerson


Third-year RTA student Taylor Lindsay-Noel in her doc, Cope

The radio and television arts (RTA) program held Top Docs, its first ever documentary awards,  Tuesday evening and showcased five student-produced films.

Cope, a film about 21-year-old Taylor Lindsay-Noel and her life as a quadriplegic, was awarded first place.

“It feels really good [to win] because we went through a lot of trouble producing this film,” she said. “We’re just really proud. We’re shocked.”

Lindsay-Noel was also on the team of third-year radio and television arts who produced the film.

“I didn’t want to be fully in control,” Lindsay-Noel said of being on both sides of the camera, “Even the questions that were asked I made sure that the group members had a chance to think of it on their own…so at the same time, I was involved but I was kind of on the outside.”


Taylor Lindsay-Noel in Cope

The films submitted were the projects completed in David Tucker’s documentary media class.  Four judges, all filmmakers and members of the Documentary Organization of Canada, reviewed finalists and chose three winners. First place was awarded $1,000. The top three all received Documentary Organization of Canada memberships.

The documentary media class always “produces good work, and there’s [been] no way to celebrate it,” Tucker said during the opening address. Top Docs was created for students’ to be able to share their work with others outside of the class.  About a hundred people were in attendance.

First runner-up was a Dakhil’s Role, a film about an Iraqi man who escaped his homeland during American invasion.

Gary came third. The film centred on Gary Low, an eccentric Canadian artist and collector.


Feature Image courtesy of Cope.