The Angel was running, running, running. Blood thrumming in her ears. Her ribs ached with the force of her beating heart, her throat straining as she tried to keep the bubbles of laughter inside her.

She was running, they way action stars would run; extending her legs and almost leaping with every step. She was so fast she was out of control. A troupe of police officers were behind her, stumbling over obstacles she set, falling more and more behind as The Angel let the magic within her take over and flow through her. She was a living ball of adrenaline, letting herself be stronger and faster than she could ever dream to be. Each step was powerful, because she didn’t need to be silent, she was light on her feet and heavy at the same time, she closed her eyes for just a second and let the feeling of each step overcome her. The concrete was taking a beating thanks to her. It felt amazing.

She ran and she ran and she ran. She pulled out two spray bottles, shaking them and flicking off the lids. They clattered on the ground behind her, rolling beneath the feet of one officer, who tripped and cursed.

She laughed.

With this much energy she felt like she could anything.

She could do anything.

She pressed down the nozzle, paint flared out on her sides. Normally, it would stain the brick walls next to her or fall to the floor, but this Angel had magic; she closed her eyes and she did magic.

She imagined this; unicorns, trees, whales and sharks, a rainbow sea and a technicolour sky, a giant woman with waterfall hair and tree spirits leaping out of the ground for revenge. Lady Liberty in a leather jacket and a God made of lighting, a flying carpet, a flying pig, a circus of people with swords between their teeth. 

She imagined this; all of her art trailing behind her, bursting out of the paint, and raising like a wave, then crashing down and painting the police officers, sweeping them up in liquid magic then leaving behind the bursting light. The angel saw when she closed her eyes.

She imagined this; that fire in her chest, from magic building up inside her,
exploding out her fingertips, and leaving her, for a moment, breathless.

When she opened her eyes she was breathless.

The night sky flashed with light for a moment, a kaleidoscope of crystalline stars and a misty rainbow was above her for just a moment. 

Then it was gone.

The brick walls of the alleyway were gone too. They were plumes or violet
smoke, rising up beside her, then clearing away and revealing the painted brick underneath; red covered in flecks of blue, white, red, black and yellow. 

The Angel wore an ear to ear grin. Even though you couldn’t see it through the mask, one look at her eyes would reveal the amount of magic she used.  For a moment her whole body tingled. She saw the words and the true colours hidden underneath, the hues and shades no person could ever dream. she entertained the idea of doing more, of burning more, of sweeping away each sleek chrome and glassy building and just creating everything from scratch.

The high left as soon as it came. She could breathe again. She looked back, and the group of officers had their blue uniforms covered in paint. They were lying on the floor, but they were slowly stirring.

With another bubble of laughter rising in her chest, The Angel ran before the officers could wake up.