Ryerson Dates: Jimmy’s Coffee with Chris and Beomi

Christian Kehinde and Beomi Labio, both second-year architecture students, have been dating since last August. On this date, they were at Jimmy’s Coffee, a warm, cozy spot and a perfect escape from the cold weather outside.

“There are Jimmy’s everywhere. So many Jimmy’s here. Neither of us has been here before, so I decided to order something I haven’t really tried before: hot apple cider”, said Kehinde. Labio added, “I got a hot chocolate since I personally don’t like coffee that much.”


“She was dating someone else at the time, so I couldn’t have asked her out,” said Kehinde. “We became friends, and in second semester, when she was single, I asked her out. Both of us went to see Get Out together and started going out soon afterward.”

Labio had gone on a trip to Hawaii last August and after returning to Toronto, she reunited with Chris and they officially started dating soon after that.

For Kehinde and Labio, a typical date consists of going out to take photos, since Kehinde enjoys photography. They are also into R&B and go to concerts when they are not busy drawing floor plans and making cardboard models.

“We usually go to places around Harbourfront Centre, but this one time [Kehinde] rented a car to go for a photoshoot,” said Labio. “We wanted to save time, and it was cold so the car helped us make it on time to take photos of the sunset.”

Labio and Kehinde recreating the framed photo on the shelf behind them.

“We’re really transparent with each and have a lot of communication. Just like the cliche, we believe communication is key. Talking is really important. We’re a team. So going,” said Labio.

“He bullies me sometimes.”

“Being an interracial couple, we get a lot of people commenting on how our babies would be adorable,” said Kehinde. “But we’re not even concerned with marriage yet, we’re just really comfortable at this stage in our relationship and aren’t thinking about things like marriage yet.”