Seven cheap and easy last-minute Halloween costumes

Halloween is my favourite holiday by far; the horror movies, the TV specials, the Pillsbury cookies, and of course, the costumes. I spend all year coming up with costume ideas and putting them together. It makes me so sad when people spend way too much money on packaged costumes, or even worse, come up with something offensive. I know a lot of people don’t share the same passion for Halloween that I do, so for those looking for something to dress up as this Oct. 31, I’ve compiled a list.


Jedi or Sith Lord


I may be biased because Ewan McGregor as Obi Wan Kenobi in The Phantom Menace was my first crush, but I’ve always been partial to a Star Wars costume. I myself have been Darth Vader and Yoda (this is when I was younger and had less creative control on my costumes). With The Force Awakens coming in December and looks in Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 1 and 2 fashion line closely resembling the black and beige robes of Jedis and Sith Lords, this Halloween is perfect for a Star Wars-themed costume. Basically, all you need for this look is a loose fitting top, a belt, and leggings. For a lightsaber, duct tape some cardboard paper towel rolls with green, blue, red, or purple tape. Bonus points if you sport a jedi braid.

Army Man

This is another Yeezy Season related costume. If you saw Ye’s recent In Camera interview you’ll notice that camouflage is making a comeback. This costume is easy; throw on some camo pants and a jacket and draw some black stripes on your face for war paint. This isn’t the cleverest get-up but you’ll likely wear it again; you’ll be comfortable, and best of all, you’ll be warm.


Norm Kelly


#6Dad Norm Kelly has outdone himself once again by becoming a Halloween costume. If you’re going to spend money on a costume, buy a Norm Mask! It’s $20, all the proceeds go to Canadian Feed The Children, and you can keep it forever as decoration. All you need to complete the look is a suit and a phone equipped with Twitter. Be sure to have a Ryerson Rams jersey on hand in case you run into someone dressed as Drake.

Ghost Writer


Speaking of Norm Kelly and Drake, 2015 was a big year for ghost writers. This costume is super easy. All you need is an old white sheet (or a lot of drape-y white clothing), a notepad, and a pen. Be prepared with all the lyrics to “R.I.C.O.,” and some prime Norm Tweets when people ask you what you’re dressed up as.

@DeadRaccoonTO (submitted by Ebony Renee-baker)


Instead of going to Stag Shop and spending your paycheck on a sexy raccoon costume (I wish I was kidding), go as Toronto’s beloved dead raccoon. If you can find a fake raccoon hat from Value Village — amazing, but all you really need is your most worn out brown and grey clothing. Smudge some black eye shadow around your eyes, then draw some X’s on your lids with eyeliner, and tape fake flowers to yourself. If anyone asks  who you’re dressed up as, just play dead and stick out your tongue.

The Cash Man (submitted by Ebony Renee Baker)


To dress up like Toronto’s favourite commercial star, all you really need is baby powder, hairspray, and some hundreds. This could be costly if you’re using real money, but if you use hundred-dollar-bill napkins from your local dollar store, you won’t break the bank, and you’ll become the star of the party if somebody spills. Be warned though, this costume will likely be met with many rounds of that song that Torontonians hate to love, and love to hate.


Whip and Nae Nae


What better way to solidify your bond with your significant other or friend, than by dressing up as the most irritating song/dance move of 2015? One person could either don a Fifty Shades of Grey dominatrix costume or a classic Indiana Jones look. Just don’t forget the most important accessory in both these costumes: a whip. The other person could do a cowboy look or wear one of those plastic horse masks. Get it — neigh neigh. You two will definitely be the main attraction if the Halloween party you’re attending plays the song.

I hope these ideas have been helpful for finding a clever Halloween costume. Be sure to tweet or instagram and tag @ryersonfolio with your DIY costume. Now go out and have a safe and happy Halloween in your inexpensive, and most importantly, inoffensive costume!

Artwork by Lucas Lucchitti