Skipping breakfast, no more

Students live a hectic lifestyle full of deadlines and lectures. Sometimes this makes us skip important things like breakfast. Lunch and dinner are the biggest meals of the day — but breakfast could be too. Many of us spend as little time as possible on breakfast because we are in a rush, thinking that lunch is just a few hours away. A muffin and a coffee at Tim Hortons is cheap, yes, but that’s not the real thing. At least, not compared to the following dishes found near campus.

Pema Tsering took to a few breakfast joints in Toronto to find that there are many places that provide a full, hearty meals that are worth the money.

Located a couple blocks from Church and Carlton, Hair of the Dog offers several dishes that will settle your breakfast cravings. From steak and eggs, to a Santa Fe omelette made with Cajun chicken, I decided to settle with the standard big breakfast with eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, home fries and a petite mixed greens salad with fruits. This fab breakfast, along with a super cheery staff, only cost me $12. An unlisted plate of banana bread sprinkled lightly with powdered sugar also tagged along with my meal. However, my $3 glass of OJ was something that I probably won’t get next time.

Easy Restaurant at Queen and Roncesvalles screams 1950s diner, with a mennu offering breakfast dishes such as Mexican omelette and breakfast burritos. Feeling eggy, I opted for the eggs benedict with home fries. The place was run by one guy but the service was on-point. My dish came wicked fast and the presentation was near perfect. This place came loaded with a bottle of Valentina salsa on each table, for those who are up for super spice. My breaky set me back $10. The walls were covered from top to bottom with vinyl records and the classic rock tunes played were a plus, transporting you back in time.

Lastly, there is Aunties & Uncles in Kensington. This place may look run down and if you have the chance to sit upstairs, you may feel as though you will bring the house down with just a footstep, but the food is well worth the grimy appearance. For under $9, I enjoyed scrambled eggs with a side of fluffy challah toast (traditional Jewish bread),

pancake shaped hash browns and peameal bacon. Leaving hash browns exploding with flavour, I think breakfasts shouldn’t be skipped anymore.