Songs For Sad Dads 2030

This is the first in Folio’s new playlist series, Folio Radio, where we ask Ryerson students to share their best playlists.

Do you ever think to yourself, ‘Wow, these songs could go really well together in a list’? We all listen to different music. We all have our favourite artists. Whether you’re looking for some new tunes to fall in love with, or just some music to leave on in the background, we’ve got you covered. 

The year is 2016.

You’re puttin’ on your Canada Goose Jacket and your OVO cap, which you found next to your old bucket hat (what was that EDM/Odd Future phase, anyway? Gross.) You’re hot. You’re cool. You’re all that. You’re a Ryerson student living in downtown Toronto. It’s lit. The 6ix is freezing cold in December but this mixtape is str8 🔥🙏💯. You’re feelin’ blessed, you’re wylin’ out on this tape, you got three Tinder matches (Thank the Lord for Tinder Plus) and it’s a Friday night. You’re DJ Aux cord for this party at Pitman hosted by your friend (Was his name Chaz? T-Bone? Who knows) and you can’t wait for him and the fellow partiers to get woke off this tape you found in this magazine. Hell yeah.

The year is now 2030.

You’re driving your son James to school in Newmarket. You’re late, so you’re speeding towards Highway 404 to drop him off and get to work. So much traffic. At least you can sip on your coffee then. Did you forget your laptop at home? Brenda is gonna kill you. It’s too late though, you’re too close. “Look what I found, Dad,” says James. Your son stumbled across an old USB. He plugs it into the dash, and voice commands your 2025 Honda Civic to play it. ‘Oh my god,’ you think, ‘my old mixtape.’ You think about that Canada Goose Jacket and how your beer gut is too big to wear that thing around anymore. Besides, foxes are long extinct. As you listen to the tracks of your fleeting youth, you’re transported back to when you could truly flex your steeze and your aesthetic was on fleek. “Dad?” says James. “What’s a fuckboi?” He interrupts your memories like an unconquerable savage to ask you about the old days. “And what’s a vibe? Or a dab?” It hits you right in your gut. You’ve been putting this off for a while. You pretended not to see all those greying hairs in the shower drain. But now your age is staring at you right in the face, telling you that Kanye is boring and—this particularly hurt your soul—“Drake is kinda creepy, dad.”

Back to 2016.

This tape is an ode to youthful folly. Enjoy it while you can, folks. Cause this is gonna be dad-core in 2030. Cheers.

Songs For Sad Dads 2030 from RyersonFolio on 8tracks Radio.

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