This is still a story because I already told you it’s a story
Now picture this! a bowl of earth, milky and with dirt, and your sculpture is soaking in the soil. The electric sun shines the wings of light! flying out of the cave like a whisper:
This is a picture of your house and this is the sound of your chat on the porch.

a fictitious horizontal of a building with rooms
and events and legends and books and lies
commonly said, commonly believed, commonly
housed, commonly history, commonly succession
common level come in with your chats and narrative!
This is a story—

the end!

Now this is a poem.
Now this is a poem because I say it is a poem.
Wait! — I think this is a sculpture of your house.
Do you see it?
Me too.

The story was having a nap with the cats
The story is purring and yawning and slinking around
The story was sleeping in your ear, mewing its little whisker of excitement for what’s in
store: ee!

This is a story
This is a story because I say it is a story
This is a story but you don’t have to trust me
This is a story because it has a beginning middle end
This is a story but where is the climax? This is the climax!
This is a story because I say it is a story
This is a story

A yellow bird in the cave of your sculpture!—O!
Just the chat with its
pause! out and stretching with the

the chat of your house
on the floorboard porch
purring at the sun,
the yellow bird of
the milky earthy story.


[I]llustration by Hannah Stinson