Street Style on Gould: The Rise of Fall

The necklines are rising, and the beverages in hand are warmer. We’ve entered the deceiving transition period, where the mornings are chilly and the afternoons are toasty. In light of this, it can be tricky to find the sweet spot between turtlenecks and ribbed crop sweaters that will take you comfortably through the day. So we took to the campus streets to see how students are coping in the weather limbo. We asked them to offer up some sound style tips on how to make the seamless transition from summer to fall.

Chelsea Neale, Arts and Contemporary Studies, First-year

Tip: “More black.”

My style is…“Black.”


Dani Keko, Fashion Communication, First-year

Tip: “Layer everything.”

My style is… “Eclectic and ranges from grunge to classic. But it really depends on what mood I’m in.”


Eboni Morgan, Sociology, First-year

Tip: “Don’t dress for a specific time of day because the temperature changes all the time.”

My style is…“As unique as the ‘I’ at the end of my name.”


Marc Ranger, Fashion Communication, First-year

Tip: “Drape yourself in fabric.”

My style is…“Maxi-minimalist.”


Olivia McEwen, Graphic Communications Management, First-year

Tip: “More coats!”

My style is…“Simple with specific details.”


Ronald Joseph, Fashion Communication, First-year

Tip: “Don’t think too much about it.”

My style is…“Shitty cool.”


Shawn Hymers, Second-year

Tip: “Listen to your girlfriend.”

My style is…“Comfortable.”