Student Talk: Faculty Course Surveys

It’s the final stretch in the semester. You’ve got looming deadlines, and a heap of readings to catch up on. You’ve also got Faculty Course Surveys to fill out. But who has the time?

Kelsey Rolfe, Folio contributor and third-year Journalism student, has already filled hers out. And though she only has four courses per semester, she insists filling out the survey is her right as a customer of the school.

“As crude as it is, we are consumers. We are paying for the education we get. If you feel you are unfulfilled in that class, or that the prof didn’t teach you what he should have, I feel those evaluations are important,” Rolfe said.

If you’ve ever had the professor that could have been a little clearer with instructions, or the T.A that didn’t really help out that much, this is your chance to have a say about that.  According to Ryerson’s official website, the survey “is your opportunity to make your voice heard and to express your honest feedback on your learning experience.”

Megan Macduff, third-year Public Health student, doesn’t completely buy it though – she believes the surveys are flawed. In her first year at Ryerson, she had very few good things to say about her mathematics professor, and she wasn’t the only one. Students were so unhappy with the course that they joined forces to fill out scathing course surveys. But in the end, nothing really changed.

“He was just atrocious at teaching the subject. It was pretty much a Grade 12 data management course, the material we were covering, and he just made things a hundred times more complicated,” she said. “Everyone in the class was upset by the end of this class, and pretty much everyone filled out a pretty brutal course survey. And nothing happened. Every year, first years have him for math. Doesn’t seem to matter what you say in the course survey.”

Still, Macduff continues to fill out the survey in hopes that her input will improve her professors’ teaching techniques and, of course, that she will be the lucky iPad winner.

“I’m not going to knock the prizes. I fill them out either way, and if I won a prize that would be awesome. But I  don’t think they should be necessary, and students should care enough to fill them out. “

Rolfe hasn’t hasn’t had such bad luck with her professor,  but she says she has had instructors with methods she disagreed with. In those cases, “the comment box was nice,” she said. “I tried to give constructive criticism.”

Did you fill out yours?