Study Time at Ryerson

[A]s children, we feared the boogeyman. But university life has brought us to fear bigger, more sinister things. Final exams alone are enough to keep students up at night. And rightly so, as they often determine whether you pass or fail your courses. But the Ryerson Folio team wants you to know that you (yes, you) have the power to conquer the bubble-in sheet.

First and foremost, forget about your social life. Remember that discipline will be your best friend during these challenging times and that although a trip to the mall may be tempting, it’s not going to help you ace your test. Clear your schedule of any extraneous activities and focus on what’s important.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to spend all of your time in a dingy corner of the Ryerson library – though, if that’s your go-to, more power to you. Choose a place that will make you feel comfortable and will allow you to focus.


Location: Church and Gerrard
Hours of Operation: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Pros: Good music, awesome baristas, and comfortable couches.
Cons: Good luck getting to the couches – this one’s always busy and loud with hustle and bustle of rushed customers.

Balzac’s Coffee
Location: Gould Street
Hours of Operation: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Pros: Much calmer than Starbucks, with bigger tables if you’re looking to study with some pals.
Cons: Closes too early.

Pitman Hall Cafeteria
Location: Pitman Hall Residence
Hours of Operation: ALWAYS OPEN
Pros: Refer to hours of operation. Additionally, if you prefer a calmer, quieter place, this is ideal for those late-night study sessions.
Cons: Once you’ve left Pitman, you never want to go back.

Fifth floor of the Library Building
Pros: Awesome view of Ryerson campus, with cool futuristic chairs (THEY’RE RED!)
Cons: When the escalators are on, you will never be able to focus. Test your luck.


To make the most of your time, you’re not only going to need a good place to study, but also healthy habits. Many university students believe that all-nighters are necessary to survive university, and they’re right. But being an insomniac during finals will drive you insane and drop your retention abilities to zilch. This is where clearing up your schedule kicks in. If you devote your day to studying in a timely, organized way, there should still be time for sleep.

And lastly, eat healthy. Having a balanced diet will give you more brain power and make you feel less lousy. This means avoiding breakfast is a no-no, as the first meal of the day will set your energy levels throughout the day. Try to have a balanced breakfast by throwing some protein, fibre, and calcium in there – and don’t forget to wolf down an apple before hitting the books!

As for coffee, we’ve already reported on the detrimental effects of caffeine. But you’re a university student, and we’re realistic. Still, keep the espresso shots to a minimum.