Ted Rogers Management Conference Theme Revealed

Launch will be the theme of the 2016 Ted Rogers Management Conference.

Michael Zelma, chair of TRMC, revealed the theme Thursday at the conference’s  kickoff event  at the Ryerson Launch Zone.

“We wanted to focus on personal brand as well as launching your own career, and launching your own brand,” said Michelle Park, TRMC’s vice president of events. “We wanted to keep up with the theme of last year’s conference, which was create.”

TRMC is an annual three-day student run conference aimed at networking, and collaborating.


During the conference, 150 applicants will attend workshops, compete in a case competition, and attend a final gala where they are able to network with professionals.

For the first time this year, the case competition will be based on a current problem facing a small business or charity in Toronto.

The winning delegates will be able to present their solution to the chosen business or charity.

TRMC opened up to faculties across campus last year and 10 non-business students attended the conference.

“We want it to be a truly Ryerson conference,” said Zelma. “Not just a Ted Rogers School of Management conference, but a Ryerson conference.”  

Applications to attend the conference open in early November and are chosen by a blind process in which names are not looked at.

Students from other universities and countries can also apply to the conference.

“We do only pick the best of the best because we want to get that entrepreneurial spirit and innovation going during our conference,” said Park.

The conference will be held at the Marriot hotel in downtown Toronto from March 10-12.

Photos by Jacqueline McKay