TEDxRyersonU 2011

TEDxRyersonU 2011 was held on November 20th, 2011 at the Glenn Gould Studio. With the theme “Think Forward”, this year’s conference aimed to bring together speakers from all faculties to share ideas to over 300 attendees from both the Ryerson and Toronto community. TEDxRyersonU is an independently organized TED event, organized by students, and November 20th, 2011 marked the second year for this conference. TEDxRyersonU Talks will be uploaded to YouTube within the next couple of weeks and Ryerson Folio will have a feature piece on all speakers from this year’s conference.

Ramona Pringle – Ryerson University New Media Professor – delivers her TEDxRyersonU Talk relating World of Warcraft to real life relationships: “Real Wisdom from Virtual Worlds”. (Jen Tse/Ryerson Folio)

2) Sean Wise, Ryerson University Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, delivers his Talk, “How to be a Business Superhero”. (Jen Tse/Ryerson Folio)

3) Ryerson University’s President and Vice-Chancellor Sheldon Levy presents his Talk, “The Forefront of Innovation” (Jen Tse/Ryerson Folio)

4) Ambassador Jeremy Kinsman – Ryerson University’s distinguished visiting diplomat in the Department of History – presents his Talk, “Are Other Peoples’ Democracies Any of Our Business?”. (Chris Gruggen/Ryerson Folio)

5) Ambassador Jeremy Kinsman in the Ryerson Folio speakers greenroom (Jen Tse/Ryerson Folio)

6) Backstage, the TEDxRyersonU team overlooks all technical components just steps away from the stage. (Trung Ho/Ryerson Folio)

7) Fourth year fashion communications student, Alex Fox, delivers her TEDxRyersonU Talk, “From Concious to Creative”. (Jen Tse/Ryerson Folio)

8) Dr. Ivan Joseph – the director of Athletics at Ryerson University – presents his Talk, “The Role of Self-Confidence”. (Jen Tse/Ryerson Folio)

9) High school students performed at the beginning of each session. (Jen Tse/Ryerson Folio)

10) In the speakers greenroom, Ryerson Folio and TEDxRyersonU team members assemble a media-like scrum around Ambassador Jeremy Kinsman. (Trung Ho/Ryerson Folio)

11) Sean Wise reveals his Green Lantern shirt in the speakers greenroom after his talk related to superheroes. (Jen Tse/Ryerson Folio)

12) The co-founder of 500px and Ryerson Alumnus Evgeny Tcheboterev presents, “Pursuing a Dream: What it Takes to Make Photography a Full-time Dream Job”. (Jen Tse/Ryerson Folio)

13) Dr. Alan Shepard – Ryerson University’s Provost and Vice President Academic – delivers his Talk, “Think Different: A Brief History of Universities and Why They Need to Change.” (Jen Tse/Ryerson Folio)

14) RTA 2010 alumna and the creator of “Start Something Big”, Gwen Elliot, in the greenroom after presenting her Talk. (Jen Tse/Ryerson Folio)

15) Julie Rochefort, Ryerson Alumna (MHSc ’11) argues against weight-based discrimination in her talk, “Shift the Focus”. (Jen Tse/Ryerson Folio)

16) Josh Louie, a 3rd year entrepreneurship student, presents his talk, “Make Change a Reality”. (Jen Tse/Ryerson Folio)

17) Adrian Bulzacki, a PhD student at Ryerson and current member of the Ryerson Digital Media Zone, presents his Talk, “Monetizing the Holodeck”. (Jen Tse/Ryerson Folio)

18) Tony Burman – former managing director of Al Jazeera English and former editor-in-chief of CBC News, and currently the Velma Rogers Research Chair at Ryerson – presents his Talk, “Al Jazeera, Arab Spring, and the End of the World as we know it”. (Jen Tse/Ryerson Folio)

19) Dr. James Smith, a faculty member of Ryerson’s Electrical Engineering department, presents his Talk, “Biomimicry: Using Biology to Inspire Engineering Design”. (Jen Tse/Ryerson Folio)

20) Dr. Mary Donohue, a faculty member of Ryerson’s Early Childhood Education department, presents her Talk, “Millenials, McLuhan and slow Dancing: Understanding the Generation Gap.” (Jen Tse/Ryerson Folio)

21) The curator of TEDxRyersonU, Parvinder Sachdeva, closes off TEDxRyersonU 2011.