The Best Damn Photo You’ve Ever Taken

This week, we asked our photographers to submit the best photo they’ve taken in their lives…so far. 

Andrej Ivanov


Student protesters get pepper-sprayed on the corner of de Maisonneuve Boulevard and Beaudry Street in Montreal on April 2, 2015. The protest was the biggest of many, denouncing the Couillard Government’s proposed austerity measures and cuts in the educational budget. This photo won photo of the year at the Canadian University Press.

Premila D’Sa


One of my assignments as a first-year journalism student last year had me covering Rob Ford’s funeral. The crowd was loud and proud. A lot of people, despite Ford’s many flaws, loved him and his family. I didn’t understand why.

I saw this woman standing across the street. She caught my eye because she was just standing there,

not moving or shouting, just standing with a frame. Like the creep I am, I used my camera to zoom in on what she was holding. To my surprise, it was a framed selfie of her and the late Rob Ford. I just remember finding it so funny–who frames a selfie like that? But it also informed me on grief. This woman had a deep, personal connection to a man I saw as a “political figure” who’s funeral I was covering to receive a grade. This photo keeps me in check. It reminds me to always consider the human impact.

Olivia Gordon


This photo is from the two-month canoe trip I did this summer to the Yukon and Northwest Territories. After a long day, Molly played guitar while the rest of the group rested.

Dakota Nguyen

grandma-and-mum home

These photos were taken during my last trip visiting my grandparents back home in the countryside of Vietnam. My grandma is one of the most significant figures in my life and a huge part of my childhood. I don’t get to see her a lot, once every few months perhaps when I was living in the capital of Vietnam. But as I moved to the other half of the globe, I can only see her once a year, and time is definite so I try to treasure moments like that as much as I can.

Carina Grodek


This photo is titled “Conceal”. When a lot of work hits you, procrastination takes over and you just want to hide away from everything.

Kara Wesny


This is my favourite photograph I have taken because of the powerful meaning it portrays. It shows the face of one of my relatives, someone who has dealt with severe depression and mental illness, and from the photograph, it is easy to see exactly that. Today she is doing extremely well, and this photograph is a reminder of a tough time in her life and how she was able to overcome it. It’s amazing how a simple photograph and its contents can basically write a story itself. This photograph may not be one of my best photos compositionally or from a photographic eye, but nonetheless, it is my favourite because of the meaning it holds about a loved one.