The Complexity Project by Alex Fox

In the summer of 2011, I spent 4 months living and learning in Ghana, West Africa. I traveled with the Engineers Without Borders Junior Fellowship program, an 18-month position including 4 months living overseas. (Read more…)

The village chief of Kpedze-Todze, Volta Region, Ghana.

Engineers Without Borders Canada is a Canadian-based organization that works on the ground in Malawi, Ghana and Burkina-Faso creating systemic innovations to solve poverty.

I was working with small-scale tailors in Ghana, trying to understand their processes and production methods, and figure out a way to provide them with better access to the international market. I lived in Accra, the capital city and Tamale, the capital of the northern region working with high fashion designers, small-scale tailors as well as fashion students studying at Tamale Polytechnic.

Currently, I’m in my 4th year of Fashion Communications, working on my final capstone project entitled “The Complexity Project”. The Complexity Project is a marketing campaign and strategy designed to (re)engage and change the public’s perception of Africa and development. The goals of the project are to encourage the public to understand that the problem of injustice and poverty in the world is complex, while embracing the complexity and shifting their mindset to one of learning and understanding before taking action.

The Complexity Project consists of a website, blog, resources and a short documentary entitled “Marketing Complexity” that will seek to highlight the complex nature of the problem and analyze the ways in which communications strategies affect the public’s perception of development and Africa. The film will shown throughout the final 4th year Mass Exodus Exhibit on April 11th and 12th in POD-250 (Free).

2) My host brothers, Hakim and Sabib, Tamale, Northern Region, Ghana.

3) The neighbourhood playing football after school, Tamale, Northern Region, Ghana.

4) My wonderful and faithful tailor, Mahmoud, Tamale, Northern Region, Ghana.

5) A beautiful woman in the Tamale Market selling Kola nuts, Northern Region, Ghana.

6) Me and the neighbourhood kids at a wedding, Tamale, Northern Region, Ghana.

7) Jumping rope in Yameriga -Tongo, Upper East Region, Ghana.

8) My host brother Olilaha at my home in Tamale, Northern Region, Ghana.

9) My village stay in Yameriga -Tongo, Upper East Region, Ghana.

10) The women of Yameriga -Tongo, Upper East Region, Ghana.

11) Walking back to town in Kpedze-Todze, Volta Region, Ghana.

12) On the beach in Elmina, Central Region, Ghana.

13) Two children relaxing in the sand in Elmina, Central Region, Ghana.

14) The Elmina Castle, a former slave trade fort in Elmina, Central Region, Ghana.

Alex Fox is a fourth year Fashion Communications student at Ryerson University and a guest writer to Ryerson Folio. You can learn more about Fox and her project at