The shapes and forms of Choreographic Works

I’ve always been fascinated by dancers.

When I was a little girl, I was in awe of ballerinas. To me, they were like magical creatures that wore beautiful costumes.

In a way, I never lost that child-like awe of dancers. So when I was asked by a friend to play violin as part of a dance piece for Choreographic Works, I immediately said yes.

As a violinist for the show, I was exposed to a whole new world at Ryerson; a world of creativity that I never knew existed.

I had the honour of watching these incredible artists from backstage during rehearsal. They stretched the limits of their bodies and the limits of what the stage could offer, playing with sound and light, props, and microphones. Costumes ranged from dirty undershirts to full suits.

My childish awe instantly transformed into an artistic one as I searched for a way to capture the magnificent shapes and lines their bodies created.

My goal with this photo series was to isolate and showcase the fleeting forms that these artists created on stage.