Through the eyes of a first-year: Nicole Landry

This is the third in Folio’s three-part series, Through the Eyes of a First Year, where we ask first-year students to photograph the beginning of their time at Ryerson. Read the first and second parts. 

Do you remember the first time you stepped on campus? There’s no universal university experience. We all have unique perspectives. What can be an anxiety-inducing experience for some, can be exhilarating for others. These first-year students show you their first impressions of Ryerson.

Photographer: Nicole Landry

“I’ve always been fascinated by perspective. I find it incredibly interesting that everyone views the world in their own unique way, and especially love how this can be seen through photography. When I take photos, I don’t do so in an analytical and particular way — I simply look for something I find beautiful, and do my best to capture it. As a first year RTA Media Production student, I am overwhelmed with excitement to see what both my program and this city has to offer.”