Through the eyes of a first-year: Saad Afzal

This is the second in Folio’s three-part series, Through the Eyes of a First Year, where we ask first-year students to photograph the beginning of their time at Ryerson. Read the first part here

Do you remember the first time you stepped on campus? There’s no universal university experience. We all have unique perspectives. What can be an anxiety-inducing experience for some, can be exhilarating for others. These first-year students show you their first impressions of Ryerson.

Photographer: Saad Afzal

“The only reason I even bought a camera was because of those cool kids on Tumblr that took those stupid pictures in front of a mirror. I was like, “Damn, I wanna be like them.” So I picked up a T3i and after a week, I was like, “F**k this.” None of the photos came out how I wanted them to — either too bright, too dark, or too blurry. I set it aside for a while, then about a year later I decided to pick it up again and actually learn how to use it. I’d spend hours learning everything about my camera, while also learning how to edit. The photos I took still sucked, but at least I was getting better. I also tried making videos, but that sucked too because… I just sucked. I started experimenting with Photoshop and asking my friends in my neighbourhood to model for me (shoutout to Arjun) and started posting the photos online to see what people thought. Now shooting and editing is all that I think about. I’m addicted. I love getting feedback and feeling the support from my friends and people I don’t know. All I wanna do is make cool s**t for people to enjoy.”