TIFF Pick of the day: September 11, 2014

Pick: Over Your Dead Body
Director: Takashi Miike
Showtimes: Today at 6 p.m. at the Ryerson Theatre
In this Japanese horror flick, a theatre troupe is rehearsing for a classic murder play called Yotsuya Kaidan. The ancient play’s themes of betrayal and vengeance end up translating into reality, affecting members of the cast with a series of bizarre events including affairs, mental illness, and a questionable pregnancy, all of which intertwine with the play itself and come to an earth-shattering conclusion.
Why we chose Over Your Dead Body:
This avante-garde film is perfect for anyone with a passion for terror–the grotesque promo stills themselves were enough to pull me in. The director Miike is heavily involved in theatre production, and has a knack for constructing elaborate sets that add vivid dimension to each scene. The parallels between the play and the events in the lives of the actors is a timeless take on the idea of life the imitating art. And how often do you get the chance to see an authentic Japanese film? Go for it.
Image credit: TIFF