TIFF Pick of the Day: September 13, 2013

Pick of the Day: Southcliffe
Director: Sean Durkin
Today at 11 am at the Ryerson Theatre.

A reporter returns to the small town of Southcliffe where he grew up in order to recount the shootings by a little-liked local townsman (Sean Harris). In four one-hour parts, the story unfolds in a non-linear manner as viewers learn the motives, outcomes, and involvement of each member of the small community involved within the tragedy.

Why we chose Southcliffe: Durkin’s last feat at the festival was 2011’s intense and hard-hitting Martha Marcy May Marlene, so you know he can put together an emotionally rousing on-screen ensemble. Using a non-linear storyline to piece together the motive and fall out of the shooting allows viewers to take in bits and pieces of the story, while ultimately putting the puzzle of Southcliffe together in a broader capacity. The format of the series – four parts at an hour each – is an intriguing way reflective of various television mini-series that should attract fans of the storytelling method and fans of well-written UK television alike; viewers will try and sort out each of the non-linear puzzle pieces given to come to a greater conclusion about the crime, the killer, and the town of Southcliffe.