TIFF Pick of the Day: September 8, 2013

Pick: Can a Song Save Your Life?
Directed by:
John Carney
Showtimes: Today at 12:00 p.m. and September 14, 2013, 12:00 p.m. at Elgin Theatre.

Greta and Dave are college sweethearts who double as songwriting partners. When Dave lands a record deal, the two leave for New York. All is well until Dave’s fame starts to lead him in a different direction, causing Greta to consider moving back home to Britain. Before Greta leaves for good, a conflicted indie label executive confronts her. After the exec, Dan, witnesses Greta’s singing, he begs her to reconsider leaving, and to make a demo. Greta takes Dan up on his offer, the film documenting their experiences that summer in the city.

Why we chose Can a Song Save Your Life?: The film is written and directed by the same Irish filmmaker who penned the movie Once, which was later adapted for a Tony-winning stage production. Can a Song Save Your Life? sounds a little bit like Once, but just enough for it to be a good thing, and not a boring carbon copy. The film has a stellar cast that is worth seeing; Keira Knightly stars as Greta, Adam Levine (yeah, that one) stars as David, and Mark Ruffalo stars as Dan. Who can say no to a movie with some Elizabeth Swan, Maroon 5, and The Hulk?