TIFF Pick of the Day: September 8, 2014

Pick: Hector and the Search for Happiness

Director: Peter Chelsom

Showtimes: Today at 4:15 p.m at the Scotiabank Theatre

Based on the novel by Francois Lelord, Hector and the Search for Happiness follows the character Hector (Simon Pegg), a psychologist from London who is bored with his life and decides to go search for the meaning of happiness. There’s one other thing though: his search involves traveling to different parts of the world until he finds it. With this, he hopes it will make him not only a better psychologist, but a better person as well. Hector hangs out with locals from the countries he visits and asks them what makes them happy. In turn, he eventually realizes that he needs to ask himself the same question.

Why we chose Hector and the Search for Happiness: Though Pegg is known for his classic British sense of humour, playing the part of Hector will allow him to demonstrate his dramatic side as well. This movie asks the age-old question of what happiness is. Though it’s hard to say if the film will answer the question, scenic shots of places from Asia to Africa will definitely be the highlight.


Image credit: TIFF