TIFF Review: “Mr. Right” shows how murder and romance can be the perfect combination

If you’re someone who likes a little foul play to spice up the typical and cheesy romantic flick, then the closing film of the Toronto International Film Festival, Mr. Right, will be sure to captivate you.

Directed by Paco Cabezas and written by Max Landis, who recently helmed American Ultra, Mr. Right is an exciting blend of romantic comedy meets action-thriller. To the film’s millennial audience, it can best be described as: messed up (in a quirky and adorable kind of way).

Mr. Right tells the story of Martha (Anna Kendrick), who always seems to meet the worst guys. While on the rebound from her last disastrous relationship, she meets “Mr. Right,” AKA Francis (Sam Rockwell). He’s a hitman with CIA training, but now works as a “reverse hitman,” murdering the bad guys who hired him to kill. Madly in love, Martha thinks she’s finally found the guy for her, only to discover his real profession.  

While this plot has been seen before in 2010’s Killers, Landis’ story is far more twisted, filled with sharp writing and a dark sense of humor. The cinematography throughout the film is simplistic, but colourful. The film focuses on movement and dance, which is seen in the opening. Rockwell smoothly steps and slides across the screen as the title card follows him. With the use of slow motion techniques and explosive sound effects during fight scenes, viewers get sucked into the scene as time seems to freeze while bullets and knives fly across the screen.

Although viewers know Kendrick best from her musicals, or as the sarcastic girl-next-door, in this film she combines quirky and crazy in the most hilarious way. Rockwell and Kendrick have great chemistry as the cutesy-couple who also happen to be complete psychopaths. Once you see them together, it’s easy to see why Martha and Francis are the perfect match made in insanity. While he might not be your perfect guy, he’s certainly her Mr. Right.

Throw in some delirious supporting characters, snarky dialogue, and choreographed fighting scenes, and you’ve got yourself the strangest — but most entertaining — rom-com you’ve ever watched. While it may not be anything high-brow, it’s definitely a film fit for those who enjoy romance, violence, and madness.

Featured image from Red Carpet Report on Mingle Media TV / CC BY