TIFF 2011 at the Ryerson Theatre

1. Alexander Skarsgård – well known for his role as Eric Northman on True Blood, greets fans during the red carpet walk to the premium screening of Melancholia.

2. Kirstin Dunst signs autographs during her red carpet walk to the premium screening of Melancholia.

3. Ryan Gosling makes his way to hundreds of screaming fans packed under the archway outside of the Ryerson Theatre.

4. Guillermo of Jimmy Kimmel Live faces off with Emily Blunt after an interview (in which they both had three shots of tequila).

5. Emily Blunt signs autographs on her way into the Ryerson Theatre for her film, Your Sister’s Sister

6. A small pack of media surrounds Ryan Gosling. There were over twenty media spots reserved for the red carpet walk for Nicolas Winding Refn’s film, Drive.

7. Bryan Cranston – who plays Shannon in the film, Drive, signs autographs while saying, “I love how all of these young people are screaming, ‘Bryan! Bryan!'”. Of course, the crowd of fans were actually screaming, “Ryan! Ryan!”.

8. Ewan McGregor, shows up to the premium screening of Your Sister’s Sister to support his fellow co-star in Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, also screening at TIFF 2011.