TikTok Categories That Might Teach You What School Didn’t

TikTok, a short form video sharing app, is all the craze right now for youth around the world. 

In fact, Generation Z practically lives “rent free” on the app, making up 60 per cent of TikTok’s users according to Wallaroo Media. 

Young people are curious, which is why different subcategories have developed on TikTok for fun and educational content. 

From school hacks to life skills, here are six TikTok categories you can learn from today.

Self defence

Martial arts is a well-known sport that offers great self defence techniques. However, it can require a lot of time and money to practice professionally. 

This may be why the account @selfdefenseonline has become so popular, amassing seven million likes. Like the username suggests, they make short videos demonstrating different martial arts moves for self protection when under attack. 

Their target audience seems to be female, although anyone could easily pick up their tricks and tips since you can never know when danger could present itself.

Personal finance

Personal finance is a big category with a lot of dedicated creators right now. 

Young adults can often find themselves overwhelmed and underprepared when it comes to earning and managing money, so these influencers aim to make topics such as taxes, investing and entrepreneurship more digestible. 

While these TikToks aim to make money management more understandable to younger audiences, remember to treat it like anything else you read online; do further research and consult multiple sources.

With over a million followers, @humphreytalks is one of the most well-known creators in this category. He first went viral for a video showing how rich Jeff Bezos is using rice grains. 

If you’re interested in saving from a young age, @pricelesstay is another insightful account. She focuses on saving, budgeting and side hustles that teens can look into. 


Beverage making

Aspiring bartenders, what are the chances your next employer would be impressed when you tell them you learned your craft on TikTok? 

Perhaps not much, but you can prove them wrong with the tips you learn from @evieisntreal. 

She regularly posts about making cocktails by her apartment window, overlooking a breathtaking view of New York City. You can find more in-depth recipes of hers on her Instagram


My own take on the classic Negroni, but with smoked rosemary. #nyc #cocktail #fidi #nycapartment #campari #stilllearning

♬ La vie en Rose – Edith Piaf

In case you’re more of a coffee person, check out @coffeebae97 and her creative take on cappuccinos, lattes and more. 

Not only does she make insanely delicious-looking videos but they’re also in ASMR style. Her drinks will please your eyes, ears and taste buds all at once.


Vegan culinary

If you have TikTok, you’ve definitely come across at least one cooking tutorial on your For You Page at this point. 

What you might not know is there’s an entire subcategory dedicated to vegan recipes for you to explore. 

Creator @iamtabithabrown, dubbed as “the world’s Favorite Mom” in her bio, has made headlines on BuzzFeed and even got her own segment on The Ellen Show for being a fan favourite. 

The food is undoubtedly mouth-watering, but it’s the chef herself and her wholesome personality that keep people coming back for more. 

Another vegan home cook to follow is @thekoreanvegan, although she has a very different vibe. 

With a soothing and calming voice, she tells her life stories as she cooks, welcoming all food lovers to her account.

Female reproductive health

The internet’s seemingly endless resources have made sex education and sexual health increasingly accessible to younger generations. 

Today, any female-identifying person can go on TikTok to learn more about their own bodies from the best and most qualified people for the job: obstetricians and gynecologists. 

 While you can’t necessarily book a personal appointment on the app, the doctors post answers to frequently asked questions that you may be too shy to bring up yourself. 


We will try to talk you through your first speculum exam so you can be as comfortable as possible. No need to run! #obgyn #papsmear #speculum

♬ Funny Thing – Thundercat

Study notes

Don’t we all wish we were good at the very thing we spend time on TikTok avoiding: studying for school? 

It might be a lot easier when our notes are actually fun to read and look organized. These TikToks are both calming to watch and can help you organize your notes in a more efficient way. 

Some great sources of inspiration are @studynotesideas and @starrynotessss who showcase amazing calligraphy and journaling. 

They also sometimes share tips to plan your workload and stay productive. 


That’s it from us for now. We hope you’ll check out this list the next time you open TikTok!