Folio’s tips to save money

The sweet, sweet relief of full-time summer job money is just around the corner.

Soon, we’ll all be able to buy the second-least expensive wine instead of just the least expensive. Paying rent will cause less of a panic. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll even be able to afford a single item from a farmer’s market.

Until then, however, we’re all still scraping by with part-time paycheques.

To carry you through the end of April, here are some of the Folio team’s best secrets for saving cash. Thank us later.

Morgan Bocknek, head of photography
“One can of beans = $1 = one meal.”

Victoria Shariati, head of copy
“I typically try to stay away from big corporations, but I buy almost everything from Dollarama. I go there for everything from cooking utensils to cleaning products to school supplies. They sell Lysol wipes for $1 that Shoppers Drug Mart would charge way more for. Sometimes I’ll even buy food there…don’t judge me.”

Emily Skublics, fashion and lifestyle editor
“Ginger sells banh mi that are literally the same (arguably better) than Banh Mi Boys and it is like $3. Also, BUNZ! Bunz Bunz Bunz.”

Quinton Bradshaw, podcast co-editor and producer
“Refuse to grocery shop anywhere other than No Frills, except maybe to buy produce in Chinatown.”

Sabrina Bertsch, production manager and head of podcast
“If you ever get a gift card, take a picture of the barcode and key and save them to a Drive folder. Even if you lose the physical card, you can still shop online. Also see if you can transfer a bunch of small gift card amounts (like $2.73) into a single big one. Indigo and Starbucks let you do that online.”

Emma McIntosh, business and technology editor
“Meat is expensive. As much as I can without going insane, I fill most of my protein needs with eggs (under $2 per dozen), tofu ($1 per packet, if you know where to look) or beans and chickpeas. Also, you can survive off of potatoes forever.”

Karen Chan, head of social media
“Research prices for things you need to buy. Take the time to price match online and see where you can get the best bang for your buck. And maybe wait for discounts if you can.”

Celina Gallardo, arts editor
“Go to thrift stores to look for clothes, most stores charge you a heck load of money for stuff that looks like it came from a thrift store anyway. I’ve also gotten cute mugs for less than a dollar at my local thrift store.”