To See and Be Seen: A Guide to 5 TIFF Celebrity Hot Spots for Ryerson Students

Ryerson University has a lot to offer with its prestigious programs and esteemed professors, but for many, TIFF is the most exciting time to be a Ryerson student.

Whether we are stalking (we like to call it “observing”) celebrities on campus, or trying to catch a screening at the Ryerson Theatre, students have prime access to exciting spots to check out the talent in town for the festival. To make your lives a bit easier, we rounded up the spots around Ryerson (or easily accessible from Ryerson) where student are most likely to run into their favourite celebrities.

1. Momofuku
190 University Ave.

Momofuku has multiple levels, so prepare to get some serious exercise while looking for Benedict Cumberbatch. After your work out, treat yourself to some soft serve and relax while doing another round of stalking from afar. If you’ve worked up an appetite after your stalking, you can also treat yourself to a dinner at the noodle bar. Really, the opportunities are endless here.


2. Ryerson Theatre
43 Gerrard St. E

Who else but Ryerson students have the opportunity to catch a glimpse at their favourite celebrities between classes? Last year, some lucky students were able to catch a look at Darren Criss while running across the quad to a class in Kerr Hall as he was gearing up for a screening of his movie in the theatre. Who knows who you might see around Ryerson Theatre this time around.


3. AMC/Cineplex Theatre
10 Dundas St. E

Not only do we get to attend class in a movie theatre, but we also get to star gaze there, too. Sometimes movies screen at AMC, meaning actors are either around to attend the premiere of their movie, or are checking out a screening of another movie in the festival. Get your popcorn ready!


4. TIFF Bell Lightbox
350 King St. W

Every year TIFF is the talk of the town, and so many of us scramble to get tickets. Actors are not exempt from this, many of which travel to Toronto to attend their premiere, the screenings of their friend’s movies, or checking out local films. For this reason, expect to maybe see some familiar faces in line when you’re waiting to grab a last minute ticket to a screening.


5. Starbucks
139 Yorkville Ave.


Like every other person, celebrities need their daily dose of caffeine. They are regular people just like us, and wait in line hearing everyone’s long orders so that they can get a regular latte. While you can probably stake out most Starbucks in the city, your best bet for prime celeb watching is the Starbucks at Yorkville. Thanks to the shopping and proximity to Shops on Bloor, you can also stalk in style (H&M, most likely, on our student budgets).

Images courtesy Emma Cosgrove