Toronto’s second chance summer

When you think about October, summer probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.

Like the age old adage says, when the CNE is over, summer is over. Yet, until mid-October, it seemed as if the opposite happened.

The days got warmer, and the deteriorating weather began to reverse its course. With hot and sunny summer-like weather, it was Toronto’s second chance at summer. Seeing an opportunity, I decided to spend an afternoon relishing the final remnants of a season that had already passed.

At first, I wasn’t too sure where I wanted to go. Having been caught up in so much work and school during the summer, I could hardly recall how I enjoyed my actual summer.

So, the prospect of a second summer was an opportunity I couldn’t afford to miss. The best way to take advantage of the weather would be to do more activities outdoors, and for that, I knew Trinity Bellwoods Park was where I needed to go.

It was just warm and sunny enough to give me some of that summer vibe again, so, armed with my camera, I headed out to Trinity Bellwoods to see how everyone else was spending the day.


Nico Contrera

For Nico Contrera, the weather was a bit concerning.


Jake Rivers

Jake Rivers is out enjoying the weather with his dog Scotch, and says “The weather is f–king amazing. Better take advantage of it.”


Dasha Ianovskai and Jack Manchester

Jack Manchester was out in the weather practicing Kali, a Filipino martial art, with his partner, Dasha Ianovskaia. He says that while he’s enjoying the weather, he’s feeling a little existential at the same time, considering it’s already October.


Rachel Nelems

For Rachel Nelems, the fact that people were still outside drinking beer reminded her of summer.


Louis Tong

Even on the colder days, it can still feel like summer if ice cream is involved. According to Louis Tong, it never hurts to bring a bit of summer back. Tong even considers getting a tan.


Eden Gelgoot

The weather was nice and Eden Gelgoot figured, “Well, why not come here?” She adds that despite the warmer weather, it still feels like October.

Toronto has finally transitioned into a chilly fall, but these photos capture a glimpse of what it felt like for it to be summer again.