What’s getting the Folio team through this pandemic

These are trying times; there is no way around it. Life as we know it has been turned upside down and shaken like someone is trying to get rocks out of their boots. So, it’s no small wonder that we all have something we have grasped on to in order to make us happy and feel a sense of normalcy. Whether it’s a song that we listen to on repeat from our childhood or a blanket to hide under to take a deep breath and remind ourselves that everything is going to be okay. We all have something, including the Folio editors. So, without further ado, here is a running list of all of the things that are keeping us Folio editors going. 

Abeer Khan, Production Manager:

Something that’s really been getting me through this pandemic is making playlists on Spotify that I curate to the different moods I may be feeling. I recently put together a playlist of my favourite indie pop tracks that I have been listening to on repeat and I love it so much, it makes me feel like I’m in my own coming of age film!

Abeer’s Spotify playlist. (Abeer Khan/Ryerson Folio)

Rooshan Khan, Lifestyle Co-Editor:

Something that’s been getting me through the current pandemic is taking care of myself and going about my day as if it was normal. That means applying scents even though I’m not meeting anyone or going anywhere that day. The aromatherapy almost gives me a sense of normality and that things are the way they’re supposed to be.

Rooshan’s favourite scents. (Rooshan Khan/Ryerson Folio)

Jemma Dooreleyers, Lifestyle Co-Editor:

Something that I have recently discovered that is missing from my life is my commute to school. I used to cherish my 20 minute walk from my apartment to school where I could clear my head with some fresh air and listen to my music or a podcast. Now that I have moved back to Kingston Ontario, a place that is surrounded by water on three sides, I take a “20 minute commute” to Lake Ontario. I find this moment to watch the water is crucial to clearing my head and grounding me to what is important. 

Jemma’s view of Lake Ontario. (Jemma Doorleyers/Ryerson Folio)

Bree Duwyn, Arts Co-Editor: 

Over the course of the past few weeks, in between online learning and work, I have found myself reconnecting with my record player. With constraints on our daily lives, I have noticed that taking a moment to unwind while partaking in the physical act of throwing a vinyl on and jamming while doing my readings for class, or cooking dinner has brightened my mood throughout the long week. It’s also encouraged me to pick up the guitar again, an on and off hobby I’ve had since elementary school!

Vintage record player. (Bree Duwyn/Ryerson Folio)

Bren Robinson, Co-Art Director: 

What’s getting me through right now are my plants. I love the process of taking care of them, watching them grow and the clean air that they provide my living space.

Bren’s nice plant. (Bren Robinson/Ryerson Folio)

Charlize Alcaraz, Business and Tech Editor: 

One thing that’s getting me through it right now is my Vicks. I’ve been sick this past week and this has really helped with not only making me feel better, but it also reminds me a lot of home because my Filipino mom swore that this was the cure for everything.

A bottle of Vicks VapoRub. (Charlize Alcaraz/Ryerson Folio)

Jessalyn George, Co-Art Director: 

Skincare is actually what’s getting me through everything. It’s interesting to watch YouTube videos of people reviewing their favourite products and to see what other people use. I also find it therapeutic to have a skincare routine. Being consistent with my routine not only helps my skin concerns improve but also helps my mental health. Here’s a picture of my current routine for reference!

A row of skincare products. (Jessalyn George/Ryerson Folio)

Julia Sacco, Fiction Editor: 

During these tough times I’ve found the most comfort in reading! It’s a classic form of escapism that hasn’t failed me during the unavoidable moments of boredom during quarantine. My favourite book to go back to is William Shakespeare: His Life and Times a fun interactive book that I bought when I was a kid. It’s beautifully illustrated and detailed and always makes me feel like I’m delving into a different world!

A copy of His Life and Times. (Julia Sacco/Ryerson Folio)

Sara Marsetti, Fashion Co-Editor: 

I would have to say this photo of this lovely apartment I saw on Twitter. This is currently getting me through tough and stressful times because it reminds me of one day being successful, established and able to create my own space that I can call my own! 🥰

A picture of an aesthetically pleasing apartment found on Twitter.

Sarah Sparks, Arts Co-Editor: 

Released a few days after we went into a complete lockdown in Toronto, Dua Lipa’s sophomore album Future Nostalgia helped me cope with the loss of physical hang-outs with my friends. Since March, this album has become the soundtrack of my life. The songs feel carefree in a way that I certainly don’t, so I live vicariously through them. At the beginning of the pandemic, my friends and I would throw zoom parties. We’d get dressed up, glitter our faces Euphoria style and dance along to each track in blissful, virtual unison. I would drive around with the one friend I had in my bubble, blasting ‘Cool’ as the days grew warmer and longer. It brings me so much joy to reflect on those bright moments at the beginning of such a scary and uncertain time. As we go into a second wave, this album will definitely be staying on repeat for me. 

The cover of Dua Lipa’s sophomore album Future Nostalgia.

Camilla Bains, Ideas Editor: 

One thing that’s been getting me through the past few months is my french press. Desperate times call for another cup of coffee. I start my day with it and it brings me back to my time spent as a barista. It’s nice to have a set routine to start my day and feel a sense of normalcy. I use it in the morning, as a pick me up through the day while editing assignments, and brew cold-brew in it in the evening for the next morning. Yeah, maybe I do have a caffeine problem…

Emma Moore, Social Media Lead: 

My little brother got a hamster named Marshmallow! He’s very small and cute and it makes me happy to make him little mazes out of pillows to run through. 

Emma’s brother’s hamster Marshmallow. (Emma Moore/Ryerson Folio)

Agasha Kankunda, Co-Art Director: 

One thing that is helping me survive the quarantine is my The Ordinary Niacinamide Serum. I am guilty of neglecting my skin during quarantine but this serum is always the perfect pick me up whenever I come around to doing my routine. It’s like it takes all my problems away overnight and those weeks of neglect never existed!

The Ordinary’s Niacinamide Serum. (Agasha Kankunda/Ryerson Folio)

Kayla Zhu, Managing Editor: 

During the quarantine, I found that I was always in my own head, whether that was analyzing things happening in the world or lamenting about my personal situation. I was doing a lot of thinking and not a lot of doing. While I never found a productive hobby to occupy myself with (thinking of my sourdough-baking, bicycle-repairing sister right now), I found that getting outdoors in even the slightest bit of nature did wonders for my mental health. Hiking and camping were extreme examples of that, but as days get busier and weather gets colder, even playing disc golf at the park or dragging my mom out for long walks under the fall foliage can really change the tone of my day.

Kayla on a hike. (Kayla Zhu/Ryerson Folio)

Shayna Nicolay, Editor-in-chief:

I’ve started to go for walks everyday which has helped me focus and feel like I can just breathe. Being cooped up in my apartment hasn’t been great for my mental health, so getting out and breathing in fresh air has been getting me through the last couple of weeks. 

A photo of the Toronto skyline from behind colourful trees. (Shayna Nicolay/Ryerson Folio)