List: Where to study on campus

[A]ccording to its “Student Study Places” map, Ryerson provides 36 study and lounge spaces to help students achieve their academic goals. Sometimes study spaces can be too busy or distracting, and some are hidden out of students’ sight. Nevertheless, Ryerson features some great workstations for students who want to get work done on campus before, after, and in between classes. Ryerson may be currently building a student study center, but in the meantime, here are ten work spaces on the Ryerson campus where you can get some work done.

Pitman Cafeteria
The Pitman cafeteria is spacious, and rarely packed. It’s quiet, close to Metro, and has great coffee for a decent price.

Starbucks on Church / Gerrard
This Starbucks is at the perfect location, close to the Rogers Communications Centre, Kerr Hall and the George Vari building.  Even when its busy you can normally find a seat, and you can always grab a coffee while you are at it.

Sally Horsfall Eaton Centre

Especially late at night, the 5th floor of the Sally Horsfall Eaton Centre building can provide a quiet (and nearly empty place) to study. In the main area, there are several long tables with access to outlets. If you want something even more secluded, several classrooms are always unlocked and you can study while the janitorial staff does their nightly clean.

George Vari Engineering and Computing Center 4th Floor

On the 4th floor of the engineering building, students will find a lounge area that they can study at. Alongside having a stellar view, the floor is equipped with plugins for your laptops and phones, and is generally quiet.

Rogers Communication Center 2nd Floor

The best place to study in the RCC besides empty classrooms is the sitting area at the back of the second floor. The space great if you are working with a group of people or if you want to work alone. It’s quiet and isolated, so you don’t hear students walking around with filming equipment.

Ted Rogers School of Management study rooms on the second floor

These rooms’ huge glass windows makes you feel less locked up, and the size of the rooms makes it easy to throw a study party. Get five friends together, reserve the room, bring some snacks, and get working.

10th Floor of the Ryerson library

The tenth floor of the library is the quiet floor – you can’t talk, whisper, or eat, and no group meetings are permitted. A bonus is that you are asked to turn your phone off and not use earphones – all audio is to be muted.  This eliminates all distractions.

Eric Palin Hall 1st and 2nd floors

Eric Palin Hall is right beside Pitman and is almost always empty. During the day study areas are spacious and quiet. The tables are long enough for numerous students to share. One could spend a fair amount of time in the lounge area of the building catching up on readings or assignments.

Bottom floor of the Student Center

Even though people are contantly coming and going from the Student Center, you can always study on the couches on bottom floor where the used bookstore is. During the year when the bookstore is not as busy, the area is quiet and generally not too packed.


The best part of Balzac’s is how much room there is.  You can grab a drink or something to eat and sit for hours working alongside other students who are likely to be typing away at their laptops working on their own assignments. You may find their productivity rubbing off on you.