Word Vomit

“Let’s talk about space” you said.
“It’ll be fun” you said.
Okay then.

“I plucked the stars for you
Pulled them from their sticky surroundings
Of swirling dust and melting sunlight
Burned my hands for you
Comets bashed me in the head
Voiceless whispers left unsaid
Words that could’ve shredded me
Black holes in my memory
Helping me stay in denial
Of your soft neglect.

And still did I…
Why did I?
What was the point
Of reaching so high?
No guarantee
Of a chance to be free
Painlessly I
Want to exist
But the sun swallowed me whole

And now I’m trapped
In a burning hell
For all eternity.”

You look at me uncomfortably.
I shrug.

“It’ll be fun” you said.

[I]llustration by Dasha Zolota