You Are As You Are

Emily is one of the winners of Folio’s September poetry contest. Congratulations to Emily, and thanks to all who submitted their work! View the other winning submission here.

You with your melancholy eyes,

the way that they look into mine,

the way you hold yourself,

delicately pacing into oblivion.

Your words are deep-seated

and your mouth is dry

but you speak anyway,

clearing your throat every so often.

You’re embarrassed of your voice cracks

as if they negate your manhood.

You address them as such and I smile,

because with each crack

I sink myself deeper into you.

You know I see your mind

with all its grooves and pits,

and you think I will manoeuvre my way

through them however I please.

But the sad truth you don’t know

is that I wouldn’t dare to meddle;

I want you as you are.

I want the mess and the mixture

of manipulation and magnificence.

And if I could steal one from the genie,

I’d ask he make you feel my love,

trust that my intentions are noble,

know my feelings are pure

and that you will never

find anything so great

as long as you live.


My poetry is inspired by personal experiences, inner dialogue, and muddled emotions in my mind. Poetry is a way to untangle my thoughts and create order with my emotions. This poem in particular touches on the theme of loving everything about someone and trying to get them to see the way I see them; perhaps because there is an innate longing to be accepted in this way myself.

Featured image by Evelyn Thompson